Professional Manufacturer for customized Pickleball Paddle Cover

DURABLE SLEEVE: This premium sleeve for pickleball racket with zipper closure is made of shock-absorbent neoprene fabric. It stretches perfectly around the head and face of your pickleball paddle to offer a secure fit that won't slide around or scratch on the zipper. Easy to use and care for!

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  • Payment:

  • Market price:

  • Price:

  • Price range:

    4000 - 9999/$2
  • Price range:

    1000 - 4000/$2.3
  • Price range:

    100 - 1000/$2.5
  • Product origin:

  • Color:

    black or customized
  • Min order:

  • Product weight:

    87.5~95 grams
  • Lead Time:

    15-35days or to be negotiated
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Easy On/Off: The zippered racket face covers are constructed with an upgraded zipper and zipper pull for easier opening compared to most covers with small metal zippers. The extra wide case opening allows for quick access and storage.

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Protects your paddle investment from chips, dings and scratches

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PROTECTS YOUR INVESTMENT: Keep your paddle in pristine condition when it's not in use. Great for portable, simple storage in your bags, backpack, car, or on the side of the court. This racket cover helps you avoid chips, dings, paint damage, scratches, scuffs, and more.

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Surface - The strong, durable, and rough fiberglass surface gives you unmatched control, empowering you to not only spin the ball but also defuse your opponents spin effortlessly and accurately.Core - Polymer honeycomb core to deliver quiet shots with impressive level of control

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